VZN Eyecare: Your Eye Specialist in Chicago


Optometry is an extremely delicate branch of eye care. That is why you need to consider only the most prominent and qualified Chicago eye care specialists for helping you with your eye problems. Dr. Vlada Nakhlis of VZN Eyecare with over 7 years of experience dealing with all kinds of eye conditions will professionally take care of any eye problems you might have. 


VZN Eyecare is different from any other optometry clinic because we adopt a personalized approach for every patient. Our staff is friendly and hospitable - you will be made to feel extremely comfortable and at ease while undergoing eye examinations or treatments. We are proud to be one of the most sought after names, when it comes to an optometry clinic in Rogers Park as we use cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment for addressing numerous eye care issues starting from foreign body removal and corneal erosions/trauma to glaucoma and dry eye syndrome.


For your convenience, our multi-lingual staff speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian,  Bulgarian, and Spanish. We constantly strive to improve our customer service to surpass our prior standards, because we want you to leave absolutely satisfied with the quality of our services. So the next time you search for an optometry clinic in Chicago, you know exactly where to find us!

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